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Iggins des Marais du Piat

EXCITING NEWS- 2015 Field trial results just released in France.  Three of Iggins' siblings are in the TOP 10!!

    Iggins is a handsome tri-color male sired by the outstanding CH Bob des Landes du Pech (Erik del Pelligrinotti).  His mother is CH Canelle du Hameau de Sorny.  Both parents have demonstrated excellence in both the field and the ring.

    Strong, well-boned, with a typical Breton head and expression, Iggins has developed into a reliable hunter and solid retriever.

    Iggins is a gentle soul, still very much a puppy who wants to be in your lap or beside your chair- what Breton doesn't?  An intelligent dog with a lively, let's get going attitude- exactly the kind I like.

    Iggins has already produced some very fine pups.  He will make a significant contribution to our breeding program by the addition of his new and outstanding bloodlines.

Iggins is available for stud.


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