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Grace du Lys de l'Aussonelle

    Grace is Guy's sister, so everything about his great pedigree applies to her.  However, from the first night I had them , it was clear the DNA may be the same, but they had their own personalities.  After two long days of driving, all I wanted was to eat and sleep.  Seemed to suit Grace, too, as she climbed up on the bed beside me and went to sleep.  Guy, on the other hand... well, nevermind.

    Grace has lived up to her wonderful pedigree.  A pleasure to hunt behind such a beautful dog- reliable, stylish, and solid.  On one of her first hunts for released pheasants, she surprised me with a lovely point on woodcock.  A real natural.

    Grace has already produced some wonderful puppies.  We've been very pleased with the excellent conformation, fine temperament, and good health of these litters.

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