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For more than a decade, Epagneul Bretons have been a passion in our lives.  After more than forty years of owning, training, and breeding a variety of pointing dog breeds, EBs have become the SOLE breed for us.


Making annual trips to France and elsewhere in Europe, we have learned the breed and the breeders.  We've run our EBs on their native grounds, walked with field trial judges in the spring wheat and summer stubble of France and the dark woods of England.  We've shown our dogs and trained alongside the finest judges in the French National Elevage learning to evaluate the conformation of the breed.  We've hunted over champion EBs in France and the UK and made friends with some of the finest EB people in the world.


Our goal is to reproduce in the United States Epagneul Bretons equal to the finest found in France.  We import the highest quality bloodlines from the very best French kennels.  Our experience, training, and insight into the origins of the breed in its native country set our dogs apart from any found in the US.  We believe that our EBs are the equal of those we see in France- personally selected for the best hunting ability, conformation, health, and temperament.

We invite you to explore our site and see and learn for yourself. 



Bill and Liz Kelley

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