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CH Vulcan du Talon de Goudron JH  (Cache)

    This is the dog that started it all.

    Little did I know that the first EB in our home would be the best.  Cache has been such an amazing hunting dog (the best I have owned in more than forty years of bird dogs- and one of the best I have ever seen).  As great as he is in the field, he is just as marvelous in our home.  He spends most mornings sitting with me in my chair and spends the night sleeping beside the bed.  A true EB.

    Cache was awarded Best of Breed at the 2008 French Brittany Gun Dog Association National Specialty.  Beautiful expression, strong topline, and sturdy bone, Cache has passed his quality to numerous pups.

    How fortunate that we were able to start our EB experience with such a fine dog.  Thanks to our friends Kevin and Julie Pack at Carolina Brittanys for producing such a great dog.

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