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CH TAN Coby du Hameau de Sorny

    Excuse my bias, but to my eye, Coby is one of the finest tri-colors around.  Son of famed Elite 6 Champion, Sacha de St Lubin, he was produced by Pierre and Annie Willems.

    In 2011, we took Coby back to France for the CEB's National Elevage.  A huge show with more than 250 EBs, Coby was awarded 4th Excellent in his class.  The previous day, he earned his TAN in the fields of Lambres-lez-Aires.  His judge and well-known trainer, Jean-Christophe Piat, said he was the best dog he saw in the field that day.  It was such a joy to see Coby run the sugar beets and wheat stubble of his native land- and to be recognized as one of the best in a ring filled with the best.

    Coby is a proven producer, having sired several very fine litters that have produced UKC Show Champions and AKC Hunters.

    Coby is available for stud.

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